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Deal or no deal? (or no Brexit?) - Daniel Dalton MEP

There is a tentative deal. After nearly two years of negotiations, the white smoke finally emerged in Brussels not by way of a big announcement, but by an exclusive from the Irish broadcaster RTE.

Brexit Briefing - Daniel Dalton MEP

This was the week a Brexit deal was supposed to have been done, yet an EU summit came and went without an agreement and without even a commitment to hold a further meeting next month. 

McIntyre slams Misleading Report on Pesticides

Anthea McIntyre MEP, Conservative agriculture spokesman, has spoken out against a report on pesticides which she says misrepresents the findings of the European Parliament's own researchers and seeks to undermine public trust in much-needed plant protection products.

Fish wars and a possible breakthrough? Daniel Dalton MEP

Brussels came back to life this week as the European Institutions started working again after the long summer break, whilst Theresa May visited Africa as part of a post Brexit trade mission and British and French fisherman came to blows in the Channel. 

Travel Factsheet 2018

MEP Daniel Dalton writes; Holidays should be relaxing and something to look back on with a great deal of pleasure, but sometimes practical problems can ruin the enjoyment.

The Fallout from Chequers - Daniel Dalton MEP 

An extraordinary week in European politics, with Donald Trump in town for a visit to the UK and a NATO summit in Brussels and upheaval in the British government after the Cabinet approved a new proposal for the future UK relationship with the EU.

Brexit Briefing No.44 - Brexit Becalmed?

Brexit Briefing No.44 - Brexit Becalmed?  By MEP Daniel Dalton

As the drift in the Brexit negotiations continues, Europe’s focus has shifted to other matters.