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EU farming will miss UK post-Brexit

Anthea McIntyre, Conservative spokesman on both agriculture and environment in the European Parliament, said the great majority of UK MEPs over the years had taken a sound, sensible and scientific approach to regulation of machinery, products and techniques.

HCBF speaker who turned down Dragon's Den

Jo Hilditch, the woman who turned down the dragons of Dragon's Den, joined the Herefordshire Conservative Business Breakfast Forum, (HCBF), as the guest speaker, at the Harewood End Inn.

McIntyre: It's progress all round on the jobs front

New UK jobs figures show "progress on all fronts", says the Conservative Party's employment spokesman in Brussels.

Anthea McIntyre pointed to falling unemployment in tandem with rising wages as clear evidence that government policies were transforming Britain's jobs landscape.

New EU rules will counter abuse of farmers

New rules against unfair trading will finally address long-standing abuse of farmers and growers by all-powerful supermarkets and retail chains, a leading MEP told colleagues.

Deal or no deal? (or no Brexit?) - Daniel Dalton MEP

There is a tentative deal. After nearly two years of negotiations, the white smoke finally emerged in Brussels not by way of a big announcement, but by an exclusive from the Irish broadcaster RTE.

Brexit Briefing - Daniel Dalton MEP

This was the week a Brexit deal was supposed to have been done, yet an EU summit came and went without an agreement and without even a commitment to hold a further meeting next month.