Working Hard for Hillmorton all Year Round


Kathryn is a hard-working Hillmorton Councillor, ensuring our views are heard, especially on planning applications that would detract from Hillmorton’s green spaces. She is a life-long Hillmorton resident, making a positive contribution, participating in many local community groups & activities. She championed improvements to Featherbed Lane Recreation Ground and supported the application to make it a Field in Trust preventing it from development.

Kathryn is heavily involved in the development of Houlton and works with Urban & Civic.  This has resulted in plans to retain part of the ancient orchid and the inclusion of traffic management schemes along Crick road. 

Kathryn is currently the Rugby Borough's Champion for Tourism taking an active role in organising the Rugby Festival of Culture and helping at events at the Rugby Art Gallery & Museum and Hall of Fame. 


Photo 1: Kathryn Lawrence, “I am proud to have served as an Hillmorton councillor for 12 years and privileged to have been Mayor. I will continue to campaign in the interests of local residents."

Photo 2: Kathryn with fellow borough and county councillors.

Photo 3: Kathryn Lawrence, working all year round in Hillmorton.

Contact Kathryn via; Rugby Conservative Association, 2 Castle Mews, Rugby, CV21 2XL.
Email:  Tel: 01788 542677

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