Police and Crime Commissioner Reports Back

"Like you all, I am currently living through this unprecedented period of “lockdown” at home. Although frustrating, it is the only way we can beat this terrible pandemic, and then return to life as normal.

48,000 Letters of help

Rugby Borough Council has written to all households in the borough to make sure every resident knows what help is on offer. 

Coronavirus Does Not Discriminate

On behalf of the Officers and members of Rugby Conservative Association we would like to wish our Prime Minister a speedy recovery from this virus and its injurious effects. Coronavirus is impinging on everyone's way of life and, at the most extreme, taking life itself.

"Boris is a fighter, and he will beat this!"

"Everyone in Rugby Conservative Association send their best wishes and support to our Prime Minister." 

"He will be getting the best care from our brilliant NHS."

"Boris is a fighter, and he will beat this."

Cllr. Pete Gilbert