Rugby Remembers - Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day

Remembrance Sunday

The annual remembrance service and parade will take place at the War Memorial gates on Sunday 10th November.

The Council has confirmed today that representatives from around 20 contingents, including the 250 Squadron of the Queen's Gurkha Signals, the Royal British Legion and ex-service organisations, gather in Hillmorton Road - between Whitehall Recreation Ground and Temple Street - at 10am before marching on parade to the War Memorial gates.

Members of the public can attend the service and parade, which takes place from 10.50am to around 11.30am.

The following road closures come into operation for remembrance services in around the borough. 

Hillmorton Road (from Temple Street to the Whitehall Road roundabout) - 8am to 12 noon.
Whitehall Road - 8am to 12 noon.
Bruce Williams Way - 10am to 12 noon (vehicle access to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre maintained via Moultrie Road and/or Hillmorton Road, from west side of Whitehall Road roundabout, until 10am. Pedestrian access to the centre maintained via Cromwell Road, the Hospital of St Cross and Bruce Williams Way).

Main Street (from its junction with Magnet Lane to its junction with Church Walk) - 10am to 1pm.
No access to Bawnmore Road from Main Street - 10am to 1pm.

High Street (from its junction with Deerings Road to its junction with Fenwick Drive) - 10.30am to 11.45am.

Brookside (from its junction with Kaysbrook Drive to its junction with Church Hill) - 10.20am to 10.30am.
Church Hill (from its junction with Brookside to All Saints Church) - 10.20am to 10.30am.

Main Street (from its junction with Meadow Road to its junction with School Street) - 10.35am to 11.30am.

Armistice Day

On Armistice Day, Monday 11 November, Rugby Borough Council supports the Royal British Legion in the tradition of a two-minute silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in memory of those who gave their lives for their country.

Maroons will be fired at Whitehall Recreation Ground, in Hillmorton Road, to mark the beginning and end of the silence - 11am and 11.02am.

Members of the public can attend.