Eve Wants to Bring New Bilton onto the Agenda

Eve is passionate about Rugby and the challenges any growing town faces, five minutes talking to her will give you a sense of this. As a strong Conservative, she also feels it is important that New Bilton is represented by the controlling Conservative Group at Rugby Borough Council, where there is the opportunity for New Bilton's case to be heard. 

Eve has a background in running businesses and hotels and so has a keen sense of finances and understanding budgets as well as  understanding the customer. Whilst she appreciates that the Council have to work within the budgets given, she feels that she can make a strong case for New Bilton and its need to keep its open spaces. Eve explains, "As a responsible dog walker, I spend many hours walking through the green spaces on Bilton Road and Addison Road, chatting to fellow dog walkers. I feel it is important for Rugby and its residents to keep these spaces and that is why I was delighted when Rugby Borough Council Planning Committee refused the recent application for Oakfield Rec." 

Contact Eve via; 

Rugby Conservative Association 
2 Castle Mews 
Rugby CV21 2XL 
EMAIL: office@rugbyca.co.uk 
TEL: 01788 542677