Disabled Access - Your View Needed?

Rugby Borough Council has launched a review of their disabled access to it's buildings and parks.

Cllr. Julie A'Barrow, the Conservative task group chair, said in a recent press release, "The council places customer access at the forefront of its thinking when designing or refurbishing our buildings and facilities, and we comply with all relevant legislation on access for the disabled. However, we aspire to provide safe and accessible environments for all, including people with physical, sensory and cognitive impairments.”

Residents can contribute to the review by completing the online form on the council's website at www.rugby.gov.uk/disabledaccess or by emailing comments to democraticservices@rugby.gov.uk 

Comments on disabled access should be sent into the Council by Friday 15th February 5pm.


Photo: Cllr. Julie A'Barrow, "The task group wants to hear the experiences of residents who access our buildings and facilities, and suggestions for improvements, however minor, which can make a difference and increase accessibility."









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