Access for People with a Disability Review

A task group which reviewed access to council run buildings and open spaces for people with a disability found that Ruby Borough Council makes regular DDA assessments and is proactive in securing funding for projects.

Councillors Have Their Say on the Local Plan

Over twenty councillors from across the borough debated at last nights full council meeting on the issue of the local plan. The plan which has now been adopted, has seen almost 200 amendments by the Planning Inspector. 

Some views in support of the plan from across the borough below;

Local Plan Passed

The local plan was passed at last nights full council meeting.

Off to a Great Start!

Newly elected Deputy Mayor of Rugby, Deepah Roberts is off to a great start. Spending most of her first weekend as Deputy Mayor attending events.

New Deputy Mayor for Rugby

Cllr. Mrs. Deepah Roberts, Borough Councillor for Dunsmore Ward has been elected Deputy Mayor for 2019-2020.

New Leader Unveils New Cabinet

Councillor Seb Lowe, the newly elected Leader of Rugby Borough Council unveiled his new cabinet today at Rugby's Annual General Meeting.

They are (from left to right in photo);  

Corporate Resources – Cllr. Carolyn Robbins, Borough Councillor for Coton & Boughton